If you are in the Metro Milwaukee Area select local pick up. We will arrange delivery or pickup of the products. We have our amazing Gourmet Chips back in stock. Check them out.
If you are in the Metro Milwaukee Area select local pick up. We will arrange delivery or pickup of the products. We have our amazing Gourmet Chips back in stock. Check them out.
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Maad Jerk Sauce Pre-Order


Pre-Order for “Award Winning” Maad Jerk Sauce”

We are taking pre-orders for our Maad Jerk Sauce. It should be here the second week of December.  So now is the time to be thinking about stocking stuffers.  If you like Jamaican food this will take it to the next level.  Pair with the Maad Jerk Rub to add to the flavor.

"Award Winning" Maad Jerk Sauce is a complex combination of Jamaican jerk seasoning with just the right balance of thyme, allspice, scotch bonnet peppers. 
Many cooks are overwhelmed by using jerk flavors; our sauce makes it easy way to enjoy the complexities of jerk seasonings. 
There are many creative ways to use this sauce: marinating fish, chicken, tofu and pork; add it to a Cuban style sandwich; mix it with ranch for a spicy dip.


Place your pre-order at the store link below:

Maad Jerk Sauce


If you are in the Metro Milwaukee area select local pick up and we will schedule time and place to pick up or delivery the products.

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